Take It Or Leave It

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Overly Sentimental?
Tears of the Sun
Starring: Monica Bellucci, Bruce Willis
Directed by: Antoine Fuqua (Training Day)

The movie had good great intentions of depicting the Americans as somewhat able to "feel" for the world and its plight.

It failed though as it tried to be too sappy and sentimental that you feel numb and detached to the pillaging of the village, the rape scenes, the deaths of native tribesmen, and when you get to the ending, your tear ducts have left you, wanting for it to be useful. But really, there wasnt really a scene to shed some tears, sonnamagun!

And really, we've seen this before. Its a take on Black Hawk Down (with a mission to undertake), or maybe a theft of some scenes from the play, Miss Saigon, (where refugees are carried by helicopter, but in the end were left).

If as audience we believe that American soldiers can be this real (or cinematic), then there's hope for the world. But really "are we there yet?"