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Kick Some Grass?
Shaolin Soccer (Siu lam juk kau)
Starring: Stephen Chow, Vicki Zhao, Man Tat Ng
Directed by: Stephen Chow

Are you ready for some CUT?

Miramax' 80-minute version vs. the original 102-minute flick proves to be the greatest debate (or non-debate) these days. Which one right now is the better version? In this case, the reductions were for the good of the movie - less vomit, less blood, and yes less dancing.

The film was a cinderella take on a star soccer player, Golden Leg, who lost everything including his leg from one fateful soccer game decades earlier. Having lost his bright soccer future and finally knowing the truth that his doom was set up by his own boss, Hung, he decided to form his own soccer team.

Made up of Shaolin Kung Fu experts but Soccer-rag tags, this team included one treasured player, Sing (Stephen Chow). With Sing, the come-uppance against the evil soccer manager, Hung, was done via their patented Shaolin Soccer.

If you're ready for some Chinese slapstick, and silly rendition of American dance and music, interspersed with genius cinematic effects, then this film is for you. Whether you get the tamed Miramax release (which is more likely), or the original one, youd enjoy Shaolin Soccer. Besides the 22 minute cut will be 22 more minutes of reviewing the film. Take it!