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Fun Snacks
Jack n Jill Fun Snacks
Flavors: Berry Knots, Sea Crunch Prawn Salt and Vinegar and Spicy variants

Years ago, Jack N Jill had Prawn Curls, Barbecue Curls and Munchees as part of their fun snack arsenal. Only Chippy and Chiz Curls were left from our childhood snack attack days. Last summer, Jack N Jill released 3 fun snacks that have now been a staple for catatonic days in front of the TV or moments when one needs to put something in their mouth.

Sea Crunch, which comes in Salt and Vinegar as well as Spicy Prawn, are perfect for those "inumans" when you can't afford their pricy counterparts. SC Salt and Vinegar has that tangy taste of prawn and just enough dash of "suka" and just like SC Spicy Prawn - really comes close to the real thing. Someone even quipped that both would even pass for a great lunch - "kanin na lang ang kulang".

Berry Knots (a play with Knotts Berry Farm in the US) is your usual pretzel, this time dipped in strawberry filling. Perfect for sweet tooth-people or those who are after Baguio's famed berries' taste. Your berry cravings can be fulfilled for sure.

Fun snacks have never been this funnier before. So with all three, a cup of rice and glass of water, one can have an appetizer, ulam and dessert.