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Kekaibang Kuwento
Directed by: Quark Henares
Starring: Katya Santos, Wendell Ramos, and a host of dead people in the movie

If there's one Filipino movie in the last 6 months that one can rave about, its got to be a one-word, one-named filmtitle. No, its not Magnifico anymore but this movie - fondly entitled "Keka". Francesca Jose or Keka, a call center "operator" lost a boyfriend to a senseless killing by 5 members of a rival fraternity. School and work didn't drown the memories of his beau's death and Keka vowed to take action, even after years have passed. One by one, all 5 members met their match - all dying (mysteriously) via Keka's wrath.

The film was quirky (no pun intended) in a funny way but I was glad that the producers went through and got it out. One, the uniqueness of the theme, how it was approached would've made a producer quiver and ask whether it has commercial value. This film didnt. I saw it twice and there were more cockroaches under my chair than people. Two, the cast was a great mix of has beens from the late 80s to 90s. Except for Tuesday Vargas, who was the sole revelation, the rest were ho-hums on paper but acting wise? super underrated.

Katya Santos (who was supposed to be Jolina Magdangal in this film), was a great replacement. It became an added attraction for maniacs to think whether she would go bold and see her size 37 jugs in this film. But then again, the script was made for Jolina, remember? A size 31, i may say.

Wendell Ramos, the spurned lover-mediocre policeman, was his usual self. A potential Boyet de leon sans the acting. All good looks.

The director, Quark Henares, well, you got to hand it to the guy. He was able to get mom, Dra. Vicky Belo, line up in National Bookstore in "Gamitan" and uncle take the urinator cameo in this one. Great guy. But really, his films are not for everyone. Tsk tsk tsk.

Sad to say, even if it was shown in Cinemanila and in the commercial theatres, you won't be able to see it. It only had a one week run. Sayang talaga....astig yung pelikula. Keka-iba!