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No Comparisons Please
Nyoy Volante with Mannos
CD Title : Acoustic - CD
Released: August 2003

What's with the word acoustic? See 2 immediate reviews. Its been overused, and abused lately with the releases of Paolo Santos, this one of Nyoy and Jimmy Bondoc's. But if there's one album that can epitomize great acoustic play and recording - this new release should be it.

Nyoy Volante's voice is a lot better than Paolo or even the rest of the acoustic gigs of late. Aside from his strumming, his voice is soothing which makes him stand out among the rest. Other than that, its a toss up.

This album though is exceptional. The recording is crisp and the sound engineering - superb. Perfect for acoustic albums. The album cover needs some art though.

Great tracks in the album include "What Do I Do" and "You're My You", both having to enjoy airwave plays. The most underrated, and for me is the best track is "Because of Your Love", a Christian song that truly characterizes great albums that allow one to take a respite away from the noise of drums and bass. At prices of local CDs (P280) this is a good buy! Take it.