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I Told You So
Paolo Santos
CD Title : Play List - CD
Released: August 2003

I told you so. The CD was a lot better than the VCD! 11 Tracks including one cover of Stevie Wonder's "Overjoyed", and 10 Original songs penned by Santos himself. The music recording is crisp, you can crystally hear the guitar licks and the Mayer-DMB-Wonder-ish voice of Paolo. From "Play With Me" to "Close" - the background track of the recent Close Up toothpaste commercial, every song was well-picked for a debut album. This is a steal for P 280, just dont open the liners and you'd see more of Paolo's image, worse, there's a Playboy pose complete with a shirt knotted to show his other guitar - his ribs!
Don't tell me I didn't forewarn you.
Take this!