Take It Or Leave It

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Damon and Affleck Produced
Stolen Summer (2002)
Directed by: Pete Jones
Starring:: Aidan Quinn, Kevin Pollack, Bonnie Hunt, etc.

It's seldom that we stumble on masterpieces like this, moreso that the film is about religion. This VCD, released locally in the Philippines, answers most of the questions that I had with the Catholic (sorry Christian Living teachers) as well as with the Jewish faith. The way it was presented wasn't as preachy nor ramming-down-your-throat manner. Rather it was subtle oftentimes contrived but passable.

The film directed and written by Pete Jones, the winner of the screenwriting contest of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (called the Project Greenlight) in 2001, was a big eye-opener at the same time, a tear jerker. A film that can touch anyone in different ways. Don't worry about the acting of the 2 kids who co-star in the film, they were rather below the standards of their supporting cast. Collectively, the acting of the rest carried the film, rather than the 2 kids.

Watch it with your kids, or with your parents, and surely after the film you'd be hugging each other. Take it and Love it!