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Filipino Song Inside!
Elephunk (2003)
CD by: Black Eyed Peas
Released:: July 2003

So "Where is the Love" is the same question to most critics dissin this album. They feel that BEP spread themselves too much in this album, that they lost their soul along the way. But if you just sit down, listen intently to the music, you'd realize that this band is not your usual preachy-soul music. More than that is the pride attached to the CD. A Filipino-lyricized track entitled "The APL Song" is one of the most catchy tracks in this funky collection of 14 tracks. Justin Timberlake guests on "Where is the Love?" and Papa Roach on "Anxiety". You dont have to take it since the 2 tracks are enjoying major airplay lately. But if you like to own a major globally released CD with some Filipino lyrics in it, this is it.