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Sophomore Jinx?
Heavier Things (2003)
CD by: John Mayer
Released: September 2003

If CD liners are basis for any award, JM would have won on both of his CDs. Here he uses a color wheel to denote tracks, geographically, physically and musicallity. Its geeky use of color coding relevant to the personality JM wants to show - his being so colorful, one song he's blue and sad, next is red and in love. Well aside from the CD cover and liner, there are 10 tracks to listen to.

"Clarity" and "Bigger than My Body" start the CD on the right note. Great singles. The following tracks are a mix of ole JM and some 80s' Howard Jones. (no kidding). But if there's one thing JM should do for his 3rd album. Is to give some of his great lyrics and play back up to new and upcoming vocalists. We're getting tired with his nosey take on every song. Although we're not as happy as the first one, still "Heavier Things" is a great album. More mature lyrics. Heavier definitely.

JM hasn't sold out yet.