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Keeping Up with Jones
New York City (2003)
CD by: Norah Jones with the Peter Malick Group
Released: September 2003 as an Import
Re-released : November 2003 locally but as an EP

Whoever bought the P750 imported CD last September must be cursing the local industry distributors through their teeth.

That one was a big mess. Anyone from Ravi Shankar diehards to Norah Jones worshippers from the Third World where oil pump prices are almost the same as that of Europe, should’ve waited another 60 days for something that would cost just P300.

Another 7-song release (see Buble), this one is a better Norah for me. A cross between Macy Gray and a blue-ish Sheryl Crow, Norah’s voice is again tested against a more seasoned back-up in the Peter Malick group. Her piano playing is not the center of this EP but her versatile voice is. Don’t mind the album being classified under P (for Peter Malick), just go to the Highly Recommended, this CD should be on top of the heap.