Take It Or Leave It

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A Lot Better Than Rex
Suddenly Stateside
by: Marivi Soliven-Blanco

Reviews from other sites:
From philbooks.com: Thinking of migrating to America? Wondering what it must be like to live there? Read this hilarious and insightful collection of short essays on Pinoy life in the U.S. of A. Laugh till your sides split. Delight in really good writing. And learn how to: baby sit a pet daga, survive freezing winter, live high on the cheap, battle racists, put down flashers, pass strict driving tests, cope with garish Las Vegas, get a green card, etc. etc."

About the Author:
Marivi Soliven-Blanco, a Carlos Palanca Awardee, writer of children's books, and the most read contributing writer to www.legmanila.com, earned a master's degree in teaching from Simmons College in Boston, U.S.A. She received her bachelor's degree in mass communications magna cum laude from the University of the Philippines. Ms. Blanco is the author of The Unicorn, The Toad and the Princess, Philippine Fright: 13 Scary Stories, Chief Flower Girl, as well as all the books in the Jenny and Jay Pinoy Private Eyes series.

Short Review: This book is not your usual take out on Filipinos leaving in the US. It definitely shows both aspects of what's good and bad about leaving away from your home country. Unlike stand-up comedian Rex Navarette, the author does make fun of the Filipino living in a new country, but in the end, you learn that the manner was at least done with good taste (even if it includes gatecrashing a party of Erap Estrada or a wild swipe on yayas and katulongs)

Hmmm. sige na nga, take it!