Take It Or Leave It

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Better Watch Out
Wave Sessions
CD by:Paulo Santos

I will be good this time. Besides I received 2 personally dedicated copies of "Wave Sessions" and "Playlist" from Paolo himself. One read, "salamat with my name" and "thank you and my name again".

To start it off, I'll have to say - don't take it.

It's a waste of P250, since Paolo's "Close" is the only original track in this CD of compiled sessions from Joe D Mango's 89.1 Wave Sessions. Tracks include: Swept Away (Christopher Cross), Only When You Leave (Spandau Ballet), Comfortable (John Mayer) and some other 80-90s songs transformed into acoustic versions.

The quality of the recording was terrible. The voice of Paolo was horrible and his guitar playing was horrendously raw. Either the sessions were from his early days or Joe D Mango sang most of the songs.

Terrible, don't even touch the CD with Paolo's dyed-yellow locks. Wave goodbye to your P250 if you happen to just paid for it recently.

Sometimes I wonder, whether the "salamat" on my CD was a sarcastic play on what I used to say against Mr. Santos. Well, he doesn't read this blog anyway.