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Almost Married
by:Tara FT Sering
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Almost Married is the sequel to the popular free book entitled "Getting Better", which was included in the October 2002 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine-Philippines.

Short Review: I loved "Getting Better". But I can't say the same for Almost Married. Why? it was fuck-fest of pages. There was one page-full of 17 cusses. If Tara wanted an Ally-McBeal psychotic character, let me say that 4-letter cusses are not heard from the hit show. (does "shit" count?). There's also Tita Myrna and her Visayan accent. I know Tara has visayan descent, but why make fun of it? It seems regionalistic in the sense that we don't hear of any part of the book that plays around the Ilocano intonation, nor the Kapampangans' spelling of Coffee (c o o - hef- hef- hee- hee). I say, with a price tag of P 150, I'd borrow the book of someone I know. But if you want to know what happens with Karen, then take it in the pain of reading 17 "fuck" words in one page. Fuck.